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CPAP Equipment

The continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine works by smoothly blowing pressurized air into your airway at a regular force that keeps the throat from collapsing. CPAP machines are very essential and are simple to use.  CPAP machines can be set to a single pressure that prevails constantly during the night. These machines are composed of three major parts:

  1. CPAP Motors

  2. CPAP Hoses

  3. CPAP Mask

CPAP Motors

The CPAP motor is a little compressor that pulls in room temperature air and lightly pressurizes it to pass the absolute amount of air pressure to unblock your breathing difficulty. It has a replaceable filter that eliminates particulates and pollutants. The most advanced CPAP machines have a little water tank that heats up the water when turned on to produce moisture in the air you breathe. It is also called built-in humidifiers and is perfect for those living in a dry climate OR for those wakes up with a dry throat, dry mouth, or nasal cavities.

CPAP Hoses

The CPAP hose is a simple pipe that delivers the pressurized air from the CPAP motor to the mask. Most of the hose pipes are 6 feet long, however; the diameter can be different depending on the type of machine.


There are different shapes and sizes of CPAP masks depending upon the comfortability of every individual. There are three basic kinds of CPAP mask one can choose including nasal pillows, nasal masks, and full-face mask. An essential part of CPAP compliance is to find the appropriate mask for your level of comfort.

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